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The Youth Motivators Club [YMC] is an initiation of Better Chitwan to bring youths of different age groups together to learn and practice the nuances of public speaking and motivate youths through leadership, self-motivation, self-realization and transformation approaches.

Executive Committee (EC) will be responsible to lead and organize regular motivation sessions, trainings and exposure series for 3 Batches of YMC in a year as a team.


3 Batch (1 Batch: 3 Months / 8 Events), 1 Youth Festival


  1. Trainings (2)
  2. Speaker of the Month (Reward Series) (2)
  3. Chiya Guff Series (2)
  4. Exposure Series (2)


  1. Regular leadership opportunities, training, workshops, youth engagement activities and Personal development opportunities.
  2. Get an opportunity to build a network with youth activists and leaders.
  3. Involve in creative, innovative activities through project based learning approaches.
  4. Get a benefit of Mentor and Mentee practices.
  5. Open platform to bring thoughts into action.
  6. Free membership of Better Chitwan Mini Library.
  7. Growth and Collaboration opportunities.

For further Information

Mr. Samundra Bhattarai
Coordinator | YMC | 9845326236

e-Mail:      [email protected]
Fb:            fb.com/BetterChitwan/
website:   betterchitwan.org

Last date to fill the form: October 27, 2021

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