Two inspiring women Miss Srijana and Miss Sapana awarded with ‘WOW Women’ Award 2021

On the Occasion of International Women’s Day 2021 Better Chitwan has successfully organized WOW Women with theme #ChoosetoChallenge.

Better Chitwan has awarded two women who has served the society with selfless service in fighting the COVID19 pandemic. Miss Sapana Shrestha from Bharatpur-9 and Miss Srijana Shrestha from Kalika-6 were awarded for their remarkable effort and contribution.

Miss Sapana Shrestha is School Health Nurse by profession who worked from the very initial days of COVID19 in a Municipal Quarantine as front line health worker. While serving COVID19 patients in the quarantine she herself tested positive. Despite persistent pressure to quit her job, insult, and discrimination, she didn’t give up her profession. While working in the service, she continued to do the necessary quarantine work even when she was infected with Corona.

Neighbors of Sirjana Shrestha of Kalika Municipality-6 erected a fence on the road during the Corona pandemic. Her husband, ambulance driver Rabindra Shrestha, also decided to quit his job instead of enduring the insults of everyone, but Sirjana knowing the essence of service didn’t let her husband to give up. She didn’t just motivated and supported her husband but joined him ferrying hundreds of COVID19 patients during pandemic.

With big respect we congratulate Miss Sapana Shrestha and Miss Srijana Shrestha for being awarded with WOW Women Award 2021 and always wish for their best in life.

Also, Girl’s friendly futsal was conducted in which 8 teams participated. Team of Chitwan Smart Crew got the first position and Boston International College, Hakimchowk won first runner-up title on the tournament.

WOW Women 2021 is the 6th edition of WOW Women festival organized by Better Chitwan. Program was coordinated by Miss Binita Shrestha and Mr. Uttam Subedi and was managed by Mr. Bimochan Acharya. Central College of Vocational Training, Narayangardh was the sponsor for the event.

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