Yakub Tamang; first child to be awarded with Shree Chakra Financial Assistance


We’d like to congratulate Mr. Yakub Tamang for being selected as the awardee of Shree Chakra Financial Assistance initiated by Mr. Sagar Gautam; patron of Shree Chakra Financial Assistance Program in memory of his father late Chakra Gautam, an Indian Army. The Scholarship will be valid till Yakub turns 18, currently he is 13.

Yakub is currently studying in Class 7 at Shree Naya Kiran Kamal Kusum Secondary School, Bharatpur. After the demise of his father he is being raised by his mother with his elder sister and a brother. His dedication and determination towards his education will make him a successful person in future. We believe this scholarship will assist him to get a quality education and help him resolve the issues he has been encountering due to limited support and resources.

We wish him a very successful future. Congratulations for being selected as the first awardee of Shree Chakra Financial Assistance.

Asmita Sapkota
Education Coordinator
Better Chitwan

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