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Core Team 2020/21

Better Chitwan

Bimochan Acharya

Campaign Coordinator
Bimochan is the founder and CEO of Bimochan Events and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. He has been a part of Better Chitwan family since long and is very dedicated, self motivated and hard working person. He is also involved in Leo Club and has been practicing his leadership in many social causes.

Suvarna Ghimire

Environment Coordinator
Suvarna Ghimire is Environment Student and is involved in several environment conservation activitism. He has been leading environment related campaigns of Better Chitwan.

Nisha shrestha

Mass and Media Manager
Nisha is young aspiring journalist passionate about social change and journalistic reporting. She believes journalism is all about getting facts, stories and publishing it for the world to see which can change people's opinions, provoke them to do something different or enlighten them about something extraordinary things they don't know.

saugat devkota

Saugat is founder of SD Tech Company. He is young Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur and Web Designer. He loves innovation and technology. He has been involved in blogging, web development and video editing. He is very enthusiastic and keen learner.

Ganga Tamang

Communication and Documentation Head
Ganga, graduate in Bachelor in Humanities with english literature is also a Regional staff at Empower Nepali Girls. She loves to help the needy and serve the society. With her involvement in Better Chitwan she believes she could contribute more to bring the happiness to children from marginalized community.

Uttam Subedi

Volunteer Management Officer
Uttam is young Rugby player. He is the founder and captain of Chitwan Warriors Rugby Club - CWRC. He is Rover Leader at Chitwan Smart Crew and is a scout and sport teacher. He wants to represent Nepal in International Rugby and win a trophy for Nation.

Binay Devkota

Executive Member
Binay has been a part of Radio Triveni as a Technician and very much dedicated towards his work. He loves to be involved in social activities and serve the society.

Susmita Lamichhane

Creative Head
Susmita is doing her Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture Science. She is always alert and observant. Self confidence is her strength. She always love to be the part of social movements. She wants to support farmers and contribute to promote modern agriculture practices in Nepal.

Prakriti Neupane

Executive Member
Prakriti is Environment Science graduate and is currently working as Environment Program Officer at NeDS. She is actively involved in Environment Conservation campaigns and activism.

Asmita Sapkota

Education Coordinator
Asmita is doing Bachelors Degree in Social Works and is working as a Teacher in Divya Jyoti. She is the Secretary of youth Girls Club. She has been coordinating eastern chapter of Better Chitwan and was leading education and scholarship program for long.

BInita Gurung

Executive Member
Binita is keen learner, selfless and is always ready for helping people in need. Her positive attitude is her strength. She loves to work in team and always work with complete dedication. She is also volunteer in Empower Nepali Girls.

Aayush Adhikari

Executive Member
Aayush is young passionate campaigner of Better CHitwan who loves to help and support needy. He has been active member of Better Chitwan family.

I feel so happy to be the part of Better Chitwan family. I have learnt so many things from here and it has helped me a lot in many ways. This is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I am thankful to Better Chitwan for this opportunity.

Sajita Poudel

Campaign Coordinator 2019/20

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