NURSING Robot: Medical Robot to Assist Frontline Health Workers


The spread of novel coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill. Even the developed countries are struggling to fight against COVID19. Public Health workers are now 24*7 in a frontline to save the life of people. It is more important to keep them safe and motivate them to serve the nation on need.

Young team of engineers and innovators from Chitwan has come up with an innovative way to tackle the Coronavirus crisis. To cut down human interface, we have designed a remote-controlled NURSING Robot to help public health workers who are in frontline of the fight against COVID19. The user-friendly-remote-controlled Robot will serve food and give medicine to COVID-19 patients in the in the isolation facility of Corona hospital, without involving health workers to attend to COVID-19 patients.


As of today, Chitwan has reported 2 cases of coronavirus, of which, 1 person has been recovered and discharged, according to the Ministry of Health and Population. Whereas, in Nepal, 57 cases have been reported for COVID-19, 22901 people are in quarantine and 87 people are in isolation. The number of cases may increase and since Nepal has open border with India the COVID risk due to free border movement is very high. It is more important that the Hospitals where patient are isolated must be kept safe and human intervention at all levels should be minimized, starting from patient examination to patient care and drug delivery mechanism to keep health workers safe from the contamination. Thus, we realized the development and installation of NURSING Robot could be very helpful in present pandemic helping and assisting Healthcare workers.


Maximum capacity: 30 kg & Maximum range: 500 feet

The machine is run by remote control and the device is fitted with both camera and speaker. It is basically made of aluminum having fiber wheels fitted with customized trolley on its top for carrying medicines and food. In simple language, it is a delivery device that helps in minimizing interaction of COVID-19 patients lodged in isolation centers with hospital staff who are at the maximum risk of getting infected with the virus. Moreover, as a precautionary measure, the device is sanitized every-time it is sent inside the COVID specialty ward.


  • Deliver drugs, clean linens and meals while carting away medical waste, soiled sheets and trash.
  • Transportation-Communication-Monitoring (TCM) system allows hands-free, touch-free speech interface remote communication between patients and medical staff.
  • Helps doctors and nurses reduce their risks of exposure to infected patients.


The installation cost of NURSING Robot is estimated to be Rs. 72,250/- per machine.


The NURSING Robot will be handed over to the Hospital as ‘Supported By: Your Brand Name’ and ‘Developed by: Team NURSING Robot’. It will have your Brand Name and Logo mentioned in the robot. Since, it is very first time being adopted in Chitwan it has a great value and your contribution for the fight against COVID19 will be highly recognized and significant.


The project will entirely be CSR based and will be handed over to COVID19 prevention and treatment department of Bharatpur Hospital for free of cost. Further development and expansion of project will be based on after the application of first NURSING Robot at Isolation ward. The robot can be customized as per the requirement and availability of resources.




Mr. Shailesh Giri

Technology and Creativity

Team NURSING Robot

[email protected]


Er. Sagar Karki

Research and Development

Team NURSING Robot

[email protected]


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