Mr. Yogesh of ‘Team the Yuva’ is awarded with Special Recognition Award 2020

Mr. Yogesh Chalwadi is the president of ‘Team the Yuva’; youth organization from Ambernath Thane, Maharashtra, India. He has left a great impression in his community by doing very inspiring deeds just at the young age of 20. He has been effortlessly contributing COVID19 relief and support.

As the speaker and guest of Better Chitwan Team Meet 2020, he shared his experiences on how young people are working as COVID19 warriors in India during the pandemic and how to work more effectively and efficiently to reduces the possible risks of COVID19. Also, both the organizations exchanged the information and ideas about the programs and activities being carried out in respective countries. Further, both organizations will have possible collaboration and coordination in future projects in respective countries.

Mr. Yogesh, for his tremendous and inspiring efforts for the better society has been awarded with Special Recognition Award 2020. We congratulate him on his success and wish him a great future.

We are very delighted to welcome Mr. Yogesh Chalwadi, who has left a great impression in his community by doing very…

Gepostet von Better Chitwan am Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2020

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