Know Your Scientist

Hello friends, do you know about Scientist?

Yes! Those persons who search new things and invent new things are called scientist.

Today I am going to tell you a story about a dull boy who became renowned scientist later.

How many of you like to study and go to School?

How many of you have failed in Class?

Don’t worry! Today you will know about a person who has failed many times in life but finally got success because of his hard work and dedication.

During 1879 AD in Alm Germany, a child took birth. He was different to other child. He was slow, dull and not as quick as others.

  • He was titled lazy, dull and stupid by his own friends and teachers.
  • This made him feel so sorry about himself. He couldn’t focus himself to studies. Instead of, he started enjoying nature.
  • The contemporary teaching style was very strict and inappropriate.
  • Furthermore, he used to give answers to the questions very slow, so that teachers used to think he was not appropriate student for his school.
  • Nobody knew that he didn’t respond quick because he used to think about it before responding. Furthermore, he did not study to pass exams but to know things.
  • He was not into languages but science and math was his favorite. He liked to experiment with numbers and science.
  • At last he left school in search of new discovery.
  • Later on, he applied for admission in technical school of Zurich but got rejected at first. He did not lose hope and worked hard to get admission there.

He was none other than Albert Einstein; the famous Einstein.

  • He studied hard and graduated from the same school. Then he continued his research and discovered ‘Quantum Theory’ which is famously known as E=mc2
  • It is one of the most famous theories of century.
  • This discovery opened way to various new discoveries like T.V, radio, X-ray etc.
  • He got recognition and fame all over the world. He got famous prize; Nobel Prize in Physics along with many.
  • He is a famous speaker, humanist and writer as well.
  • It is said that only countable people were able to understand his theory at that time. Later, he for his great discovery.
  • He left this world in 1955 but he is always remembered because of his work. He has given a beautiful gif to human kind.
  • His brain and other parts are preserved till the date today.

Well friends, this story tells us that if we have passion to do things and we devote ourselves into it anybody can get success. So never lose hope.

By: Dinesh Subedi | Chemistry Lecturer at Simara College

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