Junk Art Competition 2018

Junk Art Competition is the form of object art competition to motivate youths about creative use of Junk so that trash can be turned into cash. It is an open competition and participants of any age group can participate. All waste products are not necessarily be disposed. They can be managed in home in a creative way and used for various other purposes such as decoration, handicrafts etc.

This competition is aimed to promote 3R concept and motivate youths to put effort for pollution free World.

Here are the winners of Junk Art Competition 2018 Winner: Sandhya Kandel and Kritika Adhikari First Runner-Up: Santoshi Chaudhari and Supradepti Bhandari Second Runner-Up: Edera Shrestha and Menal Ghimire Special Prize: Sujita Baral and Alisha Agrawal

We’d like to thank all participants and respective School admin for their inspiring participation. Also, big thank to respected Birendra Poudel Sir and all our supportive hands for making it a beautiful event. Huge respect to hard works by all volunteers.

Thank You! Team Better Chitwan

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