Help for Bipana Thapa

She is Bipana Thapa from Maadi Municipality, Chitwan. She was selected for Better Chitwan #StudentScholarshipProgram from Madi about a year ago. We have been coordinating with Bharatpur Eye Hospital for the treatment of her eyes for over a year now as she has issues with her sight and is facing difficulty due to increasing eye problems. But as the problem is still unknown, she has to go for further treatment; required MRI test.

It would cost around Rs 10,000 for MRI test. Apart from that, there are other expenses that we have been raising from internal sources till date.

However, we have decided to raise some financial assistance so that the treatment will not be difficult and her treatment will be possible with no further delay.
We will continue our efforts to make life easier for economically disadvantaged children. And we believe that you will be with us in this endeavor. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
eSewa: Sagar Karki 9865077297
Bank Details:
Better Chitwan
Sunrise Bank, Narayangardh Branch
Thank you so much!!
Funds Raised:

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