Emergency Blood Donors’ Roster

COVID19 ERT has issued an emergency call for blood, urging all eligible donors to be ready to donate blood now to replenish an extremely low blood supply.

Blood donations have fallen short of hospital needs for the past few weeks, resulting in fewer donations than what’s needed, as well as a significant draw down of the overall blood supply. Since we are getting so many calls for emergency blood need, we request everyone to help in this crucial situation by donating blood and saving lives.

How to help?
If you are eligible donor then register your blood group in COVID19 ERT Emergency Blood Roster. You can directly contact us at 9801564807 or 9801564808. Also, you can contact Mr. Resham Adhikari, ERT Blood Management Coordinator at 9855054113.

To know if you are eligible donor, contact

Mr. Krishna Sharma at 9845711794.

Let’s donate blood and make a lifesaving difference.

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