Dear sister,

In the name of god, the merciful, the compassionate. Sister with my deep respects, I pray this letter find you in fine health and in the light of god’s good graces.

It’s my inner voice before going to eternal rest or somewhere far from your soul. I know we are not going to bicker, argue and grin anymore. Tell to mom that she was a painter of love. Younger sister that I have gone to vend your fallen teeth to a mouse and be sure I will send you a new best one. Thanks dad for your love and that a birthday gift “potato watch”, it was best gift I had ever had. Thanks for telling lie to protect me from proximate neighbors when I broke the window glass of theirs.

Take care of younger sister, my naughty, cute and smart one. Sister I still have a memory of we both fighting for TV remote your serial and mine wrestling .I’m sorry that I had hide your shocks inside your bag and shoes next to a ladder on a school days .i was that to tear your note paper not yours friends . I was really stringent and cruel.

Sister I had crush on your bench partner “Shahira”, I used to peep your photo album. I have one photo of her under my pillow take of that.

Tell to mom I was that to steal five thousand rupees from her wallet for your birthday gift and chocolate for Shahira.

I’m very sorry for my criminal mistake .the law; populace and the elements in the air are not going to forgive me. Buried my entire mistake somewhere deep under an ocean. Lastly thank you sister for your toil and protection, I somehow meet you up one day .if you are free in paradise ,it’s my reverent request you to come to see me and I will tell you more about. Good bye and take care.

                                                                                                  Your brother

                                                                – Roit Bhattarai
(Biomedical Engineering Student)

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