Book review- The Da Vinci Code

Book : The Da Vinci Code
Author : Dan Brown
Published : 2003
Genre : Novel, Mystery, Thriller, Contemporary fiction, Conspiracy fiction

Roshani Shrestha | The curator of The Louvre Museum, Jacque Sauniere is shot in his stomach. His dead body is discovered in a very strange position that resembles that of the Vitruvian man. During his last minute he leaves a coded message that only Harvard Professor and symbologist Robert Langdon, and French Police Cryptologist Sophie Neveu, together, can decipher.

Langdon being a Harvard Code expert discovers a series of clues hidden under Da Vinci’s works and finds Sauniere to be the master of a secret society preceded by the likes of Issac Newton, Botticelli, Victor Hugo and Da Vinci himself.

angdon and Neveu have to solve a series of riddles and anagrams to uncode the message while the French police chase them across the Europe for Sauniere’s murder.

The book, and the movie it inspired, has faced temporary/permanent ban in many countries for stirring religious controversy. In 2008, Vatican banned the filming of Da Vinci sequel in any church of Rome.

One needs to have an open mind and respect for the belief of others to fully enjoy the book.

It is a suspense thriller and the second book of Langdon series. This mind blowing story,though spread over 600+ pages, is very fast paced and won’t ever get you bored.

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