May 22, 2022
Sathi Initiative of Better Chitwan has supported 50 families from marginalized community of Bharatpur-14, Shivanagar. We are very thankful to Ward Chairperson Mr. Om Prasad Pokharel, Secretary of Learning Center Miss Srijana Pathak, Dr. Achala Pokhrel and everyone who supported us for the successful coordination of the event.
Sets of Relief Materials and Hygiene Kits for Children were provided to the beneficiaries. Also, a support of COVID safety materials including PPE sets (5), Thermal Gun (1), Oximeter (2) were handed to Mr. Pokharel, ward chairperson. The program was coordinated by Mr. Bimochan Acharya. Special thanks to our hard working and dedicated volunteers for making it possible.
We are very thankful to Flying Aid Nepal FAN, Human Practice Foundation and Bharatpur Metropolitan City for the support and coordination.

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