May 22, 2022
In Madi Municipality, Sathi Initiative has provided a relief aid to the families of 14 children, including 13 beneficiaries of the Better Chitwan Student Scholarship and one physically different child.
As the daily life became difficult after Covid 19, 13 out of the 16 students we provided regular student scholarships in the area needed immediate help and a physically different student was also identified. The assistance has been handed over with the help of local youth volunteer Mr. Roshan Subedi and coordinated by Miss Suchitra Tiwari, teacher of Dakshin Aayodhyapuri Basic School, Madi.
Realizing the need of the family, immediate food assistance has been provided and soon the study and need identification work on the plight of children due to COVID 19 in the area is also moving forward. Also, Sathi Initiative is supported Child Stories books for about 200 Children to motivate them and keep them busy in creative task so that the stress due to pandemic will be minimized and they will have healthy and engagement during lockdown.
We truly thank Flying Aid Nepal, Human Practice Foundation and Madi Municipality for the support and collaboration.

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