May 22, 2022

Regular activities that were disrupted for a long time due to COVID19 have been gradually resumed.  The mini garden in the area of ​​Bharatpur Hospital-CMS Road was cleaned again today and the gardening work was done.  New members of Better Chitwan too joined the program.

The fact that the plants are drying up due to lack of water has made us sad. However, if about 100 m of pipes can be arranged, it seems that irrigation facility can be provided.

If anyone is willing to help with this effort, please let us know.

A big thanks to Bharatpur Metropolitan city for the support of Sanitation Materials. We hope for the strong collaboration in future days as well. Next, we are working on to arrange irrigation facility for the garden and new flower plants will be planted in the garden. Also, installation of dustbin is also on the plan. Hopefully, we could manage them on time.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful participation and contribution. Cheers for Better Society!! Cheers for better life!!

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