Sathi Initiative: Support for physically disabled twins.

Today, Better Chitwan’s SATHI-Initiative has supported Ayush Gautam and Parvati Gautam who are physically differently abled twins with wheelchair, stationary materials and hygiene kits.

AYUSH  who needed wheelchair as a life support was happy to get his new wheelchair and expressed his gratitude with big smile. Parbati, younger sister of Aayush was delighted to receive stationary materials as a gift. Parbati walks with difficulties. She can’t listen properly. Her mother expressed concern over her complication in reading due to poor hearing. Lip reading is difficult for Parbati. She believes she could get her hearing back if provided with a good treatment.

We are very thankful to our supporting hands who made this possible. Special thanks to respected Dipen Baniya, Rabin Shrestha, Bidhan Shrestha and all supporting hands for their generous contribution. This journey will go long and we are more determined to support as needy children as possible and become their friend in their difficulties.

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