May 22, 2022

Established in 2015, 

Better Chitwan is a registered not for profit organization purely run and led by youths. Although it was launched as a campaign in the early days, it has been given the shape of Better Chitwan institutionally after realizing the need to act more in youth issues. Mainly working on youth empowerment and advocacy, this organization is working to bring the youth closer to different aspects of the society and develop the skills and abilities they need to face the challenges.

Better Chitwan has been working on environment, education and youth empowerment since its inception. The focus of Better Chitwan is to empower youth and strengthen their involvement on all decision-making levels.

We are youth led organization that works on creating positive societal change by empowering youths.

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4+ Social Initiatives


Better Chitwan Mini Library is an initiation of Better Chitwan campaign where you can read any book of your choice at just NRs 10/- for 7 days and for membership you can either pay Rs. 250/ or donate books that you have already read.

The declining interest of youths in reading is a major drawback on the intellectual development of youths. We aim to develop reading culture in youths and help broaden their horizon of understanding.